Monday, 12 November 2012

MendelMax 1.5 (Part 4)

Right, so last week I commenced assembly of the lower portion of the frame. My aluminium extrusions finally arrived looking all nice and shiny :-)

The assembly is really easy and I soon had the lower portion of the frame looking like this:

I started assembling the upper portions but I ran into needing some countersunk machine screws to attach the upper portions to the base frame.

So I sent off an order to Anzor which is hopefully arriving this afternoon. I was also able to order my 8mm threaded rod and a bunch of other minor hardware that I need.

Ooohhh also - my budaschnozzle arrived :-) looking very shiny.

Hopefully the Anzor order will be waiting for me when I get home from work and I can continue on the frame construction. My next task after that will be to work out what exact equipment and printed parts I need for the y-axis (I'm going with a standard Prusa y-axis) rather than the rolling carriage type axis that the Mendel 1.5+ uses.

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